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About the Green Ontario Fund

Helping Ontarians take action on climate change.

Funded through proceeds from Ontario’s carbon market, the Green Ontario Fund is a not-for-profit provincial agency tasked with reducing greenhouse gas pollution in buildings and industry to help meet Ontario’s emission reduction targets.

Through programs and rebates the Green Ontario Fund helps people and businesses take climate action into their own hands. Green Ontario Fund Programs not only reduce energy use but help Ontarians grow their savings.

Discover the greenhouse gas savings opportunities available to you:

Introducing the GreenON Small and Medium Businesses Program

No cost energy reviews with a technical expert for Small and Medium Businesses as well as opportunities to apply for funding to implement energy saving measures.

Learn more about the program

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Sign up now for updates on GreenON’s Solar Rebates Program!

The Green Ontario Fund will offer rebates for Solar PV and Energy Storage systems to help Ontario homeowners and businesses use renewable electricity and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

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GreenON Solar Rebates

GreenON Modern Wood Heating Pilots

Pilots in communities in northern, rural and remote areas of Ontario are encouraging the replacement of old, inefficient heating systems with modern, high-efficiency wood heating technologies.

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Forest and Swamp

GreenON Rebates – Insulation and Windows

Keep the elements out and your savings in with rebates for energy-efficient windows and insulation that will reduce the amount of time your furnace has to run.

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Smart Thermostat $100 Rebate for Ontario Homes

Save money and make a real impact on your carbon footprint by switching to a smart thermostat with a new $100 rebate offered in conjunction with Save on Energy.

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GreenON Support

Have an energy-efficiency question? We can help. Dedicated energy experts are a phone call away ready to help you make your home more energy efficient.

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GreenON Rebates for Air-Source Heat Pumps

Pump up your savings with rebates to install an air-source heat pump in your home using a Green Ontario Fund participating contractor.

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GreenON Rebates for Ground-Source Heat Pumps

Cut your home heating costs by up to 50 per cent with a ground-source heat pump (home geothermal) using a Green Ontario Fund participating contractor.

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GreenON Industries

The GreenON Industries program provides matching funding for projects that will lead to greenhouse gas pollution reductions in buildings and the production of goods in large emitters and other industrial, commercial and institutional facilities.

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Black and White Industry

GreenON Social Housing

The new GreenON Social Housing program is providing funding from the province’s carbon market proceeds to help Ontario social housing buildings with fewer than 100 units invest in energy efficient retrofits.

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Social Housing

GreenON Food Manufacturing and GreenON Agriculture programs

Funding is now available to support Ontario farmers and food and beverage processors with projects designed to help them reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution and adopt low-carbon technologies.

GreenON Food Manufacturing program

GreenON Agriculture program

Thank you for your interest in the GreenON Challenge!

Registration for the program is now closed. Program applicants will be contacted soon. Please stay tuned for updates to the GreenON Challenge Program.

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GreenON Challenge

The GreenON Installations program is now full!

Thanks to you and thousands of other Ontario residents, the GreenON Installations program has been a great success! Program representatives are now performing home energy reviews and installing smart thermostats for thousands of homeowners across Ontario.

Learn more about the program

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Meet the Board

Green Ontario Fund board members come from diverse backgrounds and bring expertise and experience in sustainability, governance, environmental protection, finance and communications. Their combined strengths and knowledge will help guide the agency and support households and businesses across Ontario in their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and save money.

photo of Parminder Sandhu

Parminder Sandhu, Chair and Interim CEO

Parminder Sandhu has more than 20 years’ experience in the energy industry primarily focused on the demand side. Parminder’s expertise is to design and deliver energy efficiency programs that achieve targets and program objectives. His functional experience includes operations, engineering, marketing, finance, and risk management. He began his career in residential water and energy conservation, progressed to the commercial and institutional sector, and then to the industrial sector spanning all fuel types and renewables.

Parminder has planned, designed, implemented, or supported the approval of programs in excess of $1.5 billion in aggregate budgets in jurisdicitons across North America including BC, California, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, and Ontario. He has prepared programs that have passed regulatory scrutiny and has been an expert consultant working for regulators to approve programs.

Parminder founded and was CEO of Canada’s largest privately held energy program implementation firm which he sold and then retired from in Dec 2015. Parminder’s career has focused on providing exceptional customer service, creating positive organizational culture, and delivering results in a cost-effective and prudent manner which build trust and reputation with all stakeholders.

photo of Gabriella Kalapos

Gabriella Kalapos, Vice-Chair

Gabriella Kalapos has been working to motivate and support local government action on advancing sustainable communities for over 25 years through her work at the Toronto Environmental Alliance, ICLEI–Cities for Climate Protection campaign, and currently as Executive Director at Clean Air Partnership. Her focus has been on encouraging, supporting and monitoring the implementation of clean air and climate change actions and building of partnerships that enable collaboration between the community and all levels of government. Gabriella has a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Geography from Concordia University and a Masters of Environment and Business from University of Waterloo.

photo of Dennis Fotinos

Dennis Fotinos, Member

Dennis Fotinos has over 20 years of experience in the energy sector. He initiated and led the corporate reorganization that created Enwave Energy Corporation and then ran the business as President and CEO from 2001- 2016. He established the commercial strategy that brought the company’s capabilities to market and led Enwave to profitability with a focus on sustainability anchored by the Deep Lake Water Cooling project.

Mr. Fotinos has served as an elected member of regional and local governments in the City of Toronto from 1991 to 1999. From 2003 – 2010, he served on the Board of the International District Energy Association (the “IDEA”) where he was elected Chairman in 2009-10. He currently serves on the Boards of CreateTO (the City of Toronto’s Real Estate Agency) and Enwave Energy North America where he is the Chair.

Mr. Fotinos has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and the Schulich School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from the University of Toronto.

photo of Elizabeth McDonald

Elizabeth McDonald, Member

Elizabeth McDonald has experience as a senior executive, industry advocate, industry advisor and board member with over 25 years’ experience in government relations, advocacy, organizational management, and communications with an accomplished record of service as a diplomatic intermediary between industry and government. In August of 2012, she accepted the position of President and CEO of the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA), the national voice of energy efficiency and conservation in Canada. She previously was President of Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA), the national trade association that represents the interests of all aspects of the solar industry in Canada. She has collaborated with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) who named her an Investment Canada Champion, and now sits on the Building Code Conservation Advisory Council for Ontario’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. During her time in the film and television sector she sat on the inaugural Board of what is now called the Canadian Media Fund. Elizabeth lives in Ottawa and has previously held senior executive positions in the film, television, production and digital media world.

photo of John Gorman

John Gorman, Member

John Gorman is the President and CEO of the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA). Immediately prior to joining CanSIA he held the position of Senior Vice President, Empower Energy Solutions - an innovative, global integrator of energy systems.

John serves as Canada’s Designate to the International Energy Agency (Executive Committee – PVPS), and sits on the Executive Council of the Canadian Council on Renewable Energy. He has served as a director on the boards of numerous community and corporate organizations, including one of the nation’s largest electric utilities. John has been recognized as one of Canada’s CLEAN50 and is the recipient of the “40 Under 40” business award for excellence in business practices.

John is a native of Ottawa where he lives with his wife and two children in their solar-powered home paired with a smart-battery storage system.

photo of Michael Lio

Michael Lio, Member

Michael Lio is a nationally recognized housing and energy expert. He is currently president of buildABILITY Corporation, a firm specializing in facilitating change within organizations that focus on the built environment. Michael also served as President of EnerQuality Corporation, a company that delivered major housing energy efficiency programs in Ontario.

Michael has represented the public interest on a number of boards, council and committees including as a government appointee, representing consumers on the Ontario Ministry of Housing's Ontario Building Code Amendment Advisory Committee, and as a member of the Minister of Housing’s Building Advisory Committee. Prior to being an Adjunct Professor in the graduate program at the Daniels Faculty of Architecture at the University of Toronto, Michael taught sustainable housing in the Architecture Program at Ryerson University. Michael is a member of Professional Engineers of Ontario. He earned his Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Engineering degrees from the University of Toronto.

photo of Susan Lo

Susan Lo, Member

Sue Lo is a seasoned policy, operations and communications professional with a proven track record of building and leading high performing teams, delivering on key government initiatives and providing quality strategic advice. She has extensive experience in stakeholder relations, contract negotiations and conflict resolution.

As the former Chief Drinking Water Inspector/Assistant Deputy Minister, Drinking Water Management Division, at the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, she was responsible for the overall protection and provision of safe drinking water from source to tap in Ontario. She had oversight of drinking water management and protection activities using a multi-barrier approach, underpinned by the policies in the province’s Safe Drinking Water Act and Clean Water Act.

Sue was also the Assistant Deputy Minister, Renewables and Energy Efficiency Division, at the Ministry of Energy, where she provided leadership and oversight to increase renewable energy production and energy conservation in Ontario. She worked closely with Ontario Power Authority to create energy efficiency and energy conservation programs for households, businesses and industries to help meet the government's short and long term greenhouse gas emission targets.

photo of Tim Stoate

Tim Stoate, Member

Tim Stoate’s 38-year career in the finance sector began in banking operations within Canada’s top-tier commercial lenders where he managed syndication and lending portfolios up to C$60 million, and developed and implemented oversight programs and specialized products, accounting procedures and controls, as well as anti-money laundering practices and procedures. Among Tim`s major accomplishments in the lending industry is the OSFI readiness of more than 350 commercial, industrial and high-rise residential mortgages for a major financial institution. (OSFI – Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions)

For the last 10 years, he has served as The Atmospheric Fund’s (TAF) VP of Impact Investing, with responsibility for deploying up to 60% of TAF’s endowment asset in mandate-related investments which generate both financial and GHG-reduction return on investment. Tim has been responsible for developing partnerships, innovating financial instruments to support the commercialization and scaling of products, services and technologies that have verifiable greenhouse gas reductions integrated into their value proposition.

Climate change has the power to change everything – you have the power to make a difference.

What’s at stake?

By 2050 the average annual temperature in Ontario is forecasted to increase by 3.6°C. Ontario is already experiencing the consequences of climate change right now. From a rise in dangerous storms and weather, disrupted food production, damaged infrastructure, environmental damage and water pollution, climate change is causing costs to rise and impacting the day-to-day lives of all Ontario residents.

Everyone in Ontario has the power to make a difference. By working together Ontarians can help reduce the threats to their homes, hobbies, favourite food and drink and favourite seasons. Ontarians have already demonstrated this power in many ways. For example, by participating in conservation programs and switching to local, renewable forms of power generation, residents and businesses have helped bring provincial demand for electricity down to the lowest it has been in a decade.

Taking action

The Green Ontario Fund’s programs help make it easier for people and businesses to choose and adopt low-carbon technologies and products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their homes, workplaces and the production of goods.

The Green Ontario Fund is funded entirely through proceeds from Ontario’s carbon market. Ontario’s cap on the greenhouse gas pollution businesses can emit and carbon market gives flexibility to businesses and industry in terms of how they meet their obligations.

The Green Ontario Fund’s programs build on the work the province is doing to meet its short and long-term greenhouse gas pollution reduction targets, through its Climate Change Action Plan. The action plan and carbon market work together to invest in programs that help homeowners, commuters and business owners reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The province’s elimination of coal-fired power generation has saved approximately $4.4 billion annually in health, environmental and financial costs. Continuing Ontario’s transition to a low-carbon economy will bring even greater savings, while creating jobs, boosting innovation, reducing the province’s dependence on imported fossil fuels and protecting all that Ontario has to offer.

Corporate Accountability

Accountability is a fundamental principle in the governance, management, administration and operations of the Green Ontario Fund. In exercising our duties, we strive to serve the people and businesses of Ontario in a transparent and inclusive manner.

Memorandum of Understanding

A Memorandum of Understanding signed by Ontario's Minister of Environment and Climate Change and the Green Ontario Fund's Chair sets out the accountabilities, relationships, roles and responsibilities between the two organizations and their representatives.


Stay up to date on the latest Green Ontario Fund news and information. Find news releases and new information on existing and upcoming Green Ontario Fund programs.

Ontario Helping Northern, Rural and Indigenous Communities Save on Heating Costs, Fight Climate Change

Ontario is helping people in northern, rural and Indigenous communities save on energy costs, fight climate change and improve air quality by reducing the use of greenhouse gas-intensive fuel sources and old, inefficient wood stoves.

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Ontario Helping Researchers, Entrepreneurs and Families Fight Climate Change

Ontario is investing proceeds from its carbon market to help researchers, companies and families reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and fight climate change in Ontario through several innovative programs.

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Ontario Supporting Innovative Solutions to Fight Climate Change

To help fight climate change, Ontario is encouraging businesses, utilities, non-profit organizations, registered charities, conservation authorities and Indigenous organizations to develop new and innovative solutions for reducing greenhouse gas pollution.

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Ontario Helping Farmers and Agri-Food Businesses Reduce Greenhouse Gas Pollution

Ontario is supporting farmers and agri-food businesses in improving their energy efficiency, saving money and fighting climate change through two new programs from the Green Ontario Fund.

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Ontario Investing in Energy Efficient Improvements for Social Housing

Ontario is upgrading energy efficiency of social housing and improving living conditions for residents while fighting climate change through the new GreenON Social Housing program.

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Helping Families Save Money and Fight Climate Change At Home

Ontario families can now access rebates to complete low-carbon, energy-efficient renovations to their homes through a new program from the Green Ontario Fund, a non-profit provincial agency funded by proceeds from the province's cap on pollution and carbon market.

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New Program Supporting Low-carbon Innovation for Industry

Ontario is supporting industries to reduce greenhouse gas pollution from their facilities or manufacturing processes through a new program from the Green Ontario Fund.

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Ontario Launches the Green Ontario Fund to Help People Save Money and Fight Climate Change

Ontario is helping people across the province save money and fight climate change through the Green Ontario Fund - a new not-for-profit provincial agency that will deliver programs and rebates to help reduce energy costs in homes and businesses. The agency is part of Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan and is funded by proceeds from the province's cap on pollution and carbon market.

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