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GreenON Rebates for Insulation and High-Performance Windows

By Green Ontario Fund

Get rebates up to $7,200 off insulation and up to $5,000 for select high-performance windows

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Protect your home from the outside elements with rebates for insulation, air sealing and select high-performance windows for your home. A well-insulated home keeps the temperature of any room the way you like it while helping to reduce heating and cooling costs and shrink your home’s carbon footprint.

Who Can Participate

Using participating contractors, Ontario residents who live in a detached home, townhome or semi can take part in GreenON Rebates. If you rent, you must have the written permission of the landlord.

What You Get


Get rebates to upgrade your home insulation from top to bottom. Receive up to $7,200 off the cost of purchasing and installing insulation.

Cut drafts, lower heating and cooling costs and help keep your home temperature consistent by upgrading the insulation of your attic, basement and exterior walls.

  • Receive $1/ft2 up to $1,500 for upgrading your attic insulation.
  • Receive $2/ft2 up to $1,900 when you update your basement insulation.
  • Receive $2/ft2 up to $3,800 when you upgrade your home’s exterior wall insulation.

Learn more about insulation

Air sealing

Get $100 for air sealing your home*

Tiny gaps and cracks in your home can add up to big energy losses making your furnace work harder than it needs to. Air sealing is an easy way to keep the heat in and the elements out while helping you save.

*Must be completed in conjunction with insulation rebate.


Get $500 per window up to 10 windows, or $5,000 when you upgrade to select high-performance windows.

High-performance windows are designed to reduce energy loss, condensation and outdoor noise, helping you save on heating and cooling costs and increasing your home’s resale value.

The $500/window rebate applies for each rough opening. This means that the window frames as well as the glass must be replaced — also called “brick-to-brick” installation. Bay or bow windows with more than one glass unit or other windows with pillars (whether load bearing or not) qualify as one rough opening.

Learn more about windows eligible for the program

How it Works

GreenON Rebates makes upgrading your home easy.

  1. Work with a participating contractor to purchase and install your eligible windows, insulation and air sealing.
  2. Your contractor will submit your rebate application on your behalf.
  3. Once you have validated that the work has been installed, submit your proof of purchase and you will receive your rebate cheque in the mail in approximately 8-12 weeks.

Find a participating contractor


Contact GreenON Support at 1-888-728-8444 or email to get impartial answers to your windows, insulation or air sealing questions from our home energy experts.

Information submitted through the incentive application (name, address, and eligible measure) will be matched against information collected by IESO from other energy conservation programs offered through local utility companies to ensure that a participant does not receive more than one rebate for having installed the same measure. This matching process will result in limited information being shared between IESO and local utilities.


Upgrading your insulation can help you save up to 15 per cent on heating and cooling costs.

Increase your home’s resale value by upgrading to high-performance windows.

Reduce your heating and cooling to increase your savings and decrease your home’s carbon footprint.

Insulation 101

Why does good insulation matter? A well-insulated home is one of the most cost-effective ways to save energy and reduce heating and cooling bills. To help make an informed choice, get to know the ins and outs of insulation.

What’s an R-value?

Insulation is rated and labeled using an R-value, and is measured based on two factors: the thickness of the material and how effectively it limits heat transfer. The higher the R-value the better your home will withstand energy loss. To be eligible for GreenON Rebates, look for a minimum rating of 20 for basement and exterior wall insulation, and 50 for attic insulation.

Get to know insulation types

Blanket Insulation

Blanket insulation:

  • The most common and widely used insulation for building envelopes
  • Made from fiberglass, rock wool or natural fibres
Loose Insulation

Blown-in or loose-fill:

  • Ideal for attics and other hard-to-reach places or for filling cavities
  • Made from fibreglass or cellulose (recycled paper)
Board Insulation

Rigid board:

  • Typically a rigid foam used in walls, roofs and foundations
Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation:

  • An expanding foam that is sprayed and used for attic and wall insulation, cavities or tight air sealing

Insulate from top to bottom

Speak with your participating contractor about where insulation will have the most impact in your home.

Attic: Air seal around your attic hatch, plumbing vent stack and any recessed lights. Then add insulation over ceiling joints.

Basement: Seal around your dryer vent and outdoor faucet first. Next, add batts or rigid boards and spray foam to help reduce condensation.

Exterior walls: Seal around your sill plate, top plate and kitchen vent fan. Install both air and vapour barriers to help stop up to 20 per cent of home heat loss.

Don’t forget about gaps and cracks!

In a typical home, up to a quarter of heat loss is due to leaks. Ask your contractor to detect and reduce air leaks around doors, windows, soffits, ducts and more.

Questions to ask your contractor:

  • Does the insulation meet installation requirements for GreenON Rebates?
  • How quickly will it pay for itself?
  • What energy savings can I expect?
  • If it gets wet, how well will it dry out?
  • How would I handle service issues after installation?

Find a participating contractor


Have other home energy questions? Our trusted energy experts are on call to provide impartial home energy saving advice. Contact them at 1-888-728-8444 or send them an email at

Windows 101

What makes high-performing windows so energy-efficient? Today’s high-performance windows reduce energy loss, condensation and noise, while also increasing home comfort and resale value. Get to know the ins and outs of high-efficiency windows.

Here’s what you need to know

In order to be eligible for GreenON Rebates, please be aware of the following requirements:

  • Windows must be on ENERGY STAR®’s Most Efficient models list which recognizes high-performance products with a U-factor at or below 1.4 W/m2•K or 0.25 Btu/h•ft.2•°F.
  • Windows must be certified to Climate Zone 3.
  • Installations must replace an existing window – including the window frames as well as the sashes and glass units - also called “brick-to-brick” installation. Windows that replace doors are not eligible.
  • Windows must be purchased from and installed by a Participating Contractor.

You can receive $500 per eligible window, for up to ten windows. The installed cost of each window (materials and labour) must exceed $500 to receive a rebate. Bay or bow windows with more than one glass unit or other windows with pillars (whether load bearing or not) qualify as one rough opening – and are eligible for one rebate. For more information, please see the GreenON Rebates Consumer Terms and Conditions.

Climate Zones Your replacement windows must be certified Zone 3 (all of Ontario).
U-Factor (0.20-1.20) tells you the heat transfer rate of the window. The lower the U-Factor, the more insulating it is.
A participating contractor or GreenON Support home energy expert can advise you which windows are eligible.
Energy Star® certified in highlighted regions

Go with a pro:

How your new windows are installed is just as important as the type of windows you buy. A poorly installed window can allow drafts, noise, dust or even water leaks, resulting in costly damages. Be sure to choose a GreenON participating contractor, obtain at least three quotes to compare, and check references.

Consider these three things when planning your upgrade:

  1. Which installation is best?

    To qualify for GreenON Fund Rebates, talk to a participating contractor about “brick-to-brick” installation (removing existing framing, jambs, etc. and starting fresh).

  2. Ask for low-e coatings

    Reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer by up to 30 per cent.

  3. Which frames are best?

    Talk to a participating contractor about the pros and cons of each type of frame, along with the style that will best match your home’s look.

Other questions to ask your contractor:

  • Which windows are eligible for GreenON Rebates?

  • What energy savings can I expect from my new windows?

  • Can I see similar jobs you’ve done before?

  • What warranty is offered?

  • How would I handle service issues after installation?

Find a participating contractor


Have other home energy questions? Call GreenON Support to speak with one of our home energy experts for impartial home energy saving advice. Contact them at 1-888-728-8444 or through email at