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  • Your Local Hydro Company is Hydro One Networks or Peterborough Distribution Incorporated
  • Your Natural Gas Program Provider is Enbridge

Home Winterproofing Program

By Enbridge

A free program for low-income customers to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their homes and reduce their gas bills by up to 30 per cent.

Who can participate

Customers who pay their natural gas bill and live in homes built prior to 1980 that use a gas furnace and who either:

This program is also offered free to social housing providers who use natural gas for heating.


What you can get:

  • A free assessment of your home by an Enbridge delivery agent to assess what energy-saving upgrades you can receive free of charge. These could include: new insulation and draft proofing, low-flow showerheads, kitchen and bathroom aerators and programmable thermostats.
  • Installation of energy-efficient upgrades by a professional contractor.
  • Home audit to measure how the energy-efficiency of your home has improved once the upgrades have been installed.


How to Get Started:

Visit the Enbridge site to learn more about the program and how to apply.

Reduce your energy use by up to 30 per cent

Make your home cosier and more comfortable during the winter months