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  • Your Local Hydro Company is Hydro One Networks or Peterborough Distribution Incorporated
  • Your Natural Gas Program Provider is Enbridge

Savings by Design for Homeowners

By Enbridge

Live comfortably in a home built for sustainability. Integrate energy efficiency into every inch of your future home with the Savings by Design program.

Who can participate

If your new home will be in the Enbridge service area, speak with your home builder about making Savings by Design a part of your new home construction.

What you can get:

Optimize your home build to conserve energy, reduce environmental impacts and make your home more affordable to run. A Savings by Design home is built to achieve a 15 per cent better energy performance than the 2017 Ontario Building Code.

How to Get Started:

Visit Enbridge to find out more about the program and how to apply.

See ongoing energy savings.

Do your part – a Savings by Design home produces 15 per cent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than minimum code.

Improve air quality and even air distribution throughout your home for increased comfort.