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Tips for Renters

Renting? You too can start saving on your utility bill

  • Keep your home temperature the way you like it, while you save. Get $100 off an eligible smart thermostat for your home. Learn more about the Smart Thermostat $100 Rebate for Ontario Homes program to see if you are eligible.
  • Follow time-of-use pricing to get the cheapest rates. You can boost savings every day by tweaking your usage patterns, like doing laundry after 7 p.m. on weekdays or on weekends when prices are lowest.
  • Visit the Save on Energy website to learn how to make your home more energy efficient:
    • Upgrade your bulbs for added savings! Energy-efficient LEDs use 75 – 90 per cent less electricity than older bulbs and can last 20 years.
    • Some appliances like your TV drain power whenever they’re plugged-in — even when turned off. Scare away costly phantom power by purchasing advanced powerbars that optimize energy usage.
  • Cut water heating costs by washing your clothes in cold water.
  • Give your dryer a break — clotheslines are kinder on your clothes and use significantly less energy than dryers, without heating up your home in the warmer months. Check with your landlord about whether clotheslines are permitted in your building.
  • Microwaving uses 50 per cent less electricity than the stove to heat your food.
  • Lighten the load on your heating and cooling system by turning your thermostats down in the winter and up in the summer — especially while you’re away.


Your landlord can access incentive dollars and make changes, too

  • Owners can access home improvement incentives such as the Save on Energy Heating and Cooling Program to fund critical heating and cooling equipment upgrades that create continuous energy savings.
  • Efficient appliances can help lower energy bills. ENERGY STAR® products like dishwashers, dryers, and air conditioners cut costs for your home.


There are also options for low-income renters

  • There are several free direct-install programs available to income-qualifying homes. Tenants generally have to obtain owner consent to proceed with these programs.
    • The Save on Energy Home Assistance Program can provide and install a variety of simple energy-saving measures for your home, including LEDs, advanced powerbars, and weatherstripping.
    • Union Gas and Enbridge offer assessment and upgrade programs that identify saving opportunities and install measures, like insulation, sealing and other energy-saving measures.
    • The Affordability Fund can help ease what you spend on electricity. You may qualify for free energy-saving upgrades, which can lower home energy use and your electricity bill.