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Smart Thermostat $100 Rebate for Ontario Homes

By Green Ontario Fund and Save on Energy

Get $100 off a smart thermostat for your home


Using a smart thermostat to control your home heating and cooling makes it easy to reduce your carbon footprint. If you live in Ontario, you could receive a $100 rebate for purchasing an eligible smart thermostat.

Who Can Participate

If you live in a house, condominium or apartment unit in Ontario, you could be eligible as long as your heating and cooling system is compatible. If you rent, you must receive consent from your landlord to participate.

Read the complete list of requirements in the Terms and Conditions for more information.

What You Get

Smart thermostats do the leg work of keeping your home comfortable as efficiently as possible. They manage energy use in your home by learning your schedule and preferences, automatically delivering comfort when you're there and savings when you're not. Enjoy features like automated energy saving adjustments and maintenance alerts. Plus, with Wi-Fi technology, you control your thermostat from anywhere – on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Starting December 13, 2017 purchase and install one of the qualifying smart thermostat models and receive a $100 rebate.

You can purchase a smart thermostat online from manufacturer websites or at local home improvement stores.

How it Works

  1. Purchase and install one of the eligible smart thermostat models.
  2. Connect your smart thermostat to Wi-Fi then register your smart thermostat online with the manufacturer.
  3. Submit your rebate application through the manufacturer’s rebate portal:
  4. Your $100 rebate cheque will be sent to you in 8 to 12 weeks.

GreenON Rebates Program - Smart Thermostat $100 Rebate for Ontario Homes Participation Agreement

You, the “Participant”, must read and accept this Participation Agreement (the “Agreement”) to claim the $100.00 rebate (the “Rebate”) available in connection with the GreenON Rebates Program (the “Program”) offered by the Ontario Climate Change Solutions Deployment Corporation (“Green Ontario Fund”). Half of the funding for the Program is provided by Green Ontario Fund and the other half of the funding for the Program is provided by the Independent Electricity System Operator’s (“IESO”) Save on Energy Program. The Program is being administered by IESO.

To be eligible for the Rebate, the Participant must:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • reside in the Province of Ontario;
  • have purchased, and installed in the Participant’s residence in Ontario, a smart thermostat that is eligible for the Program (the “Thermostat”) on or after the Program launch date (eligible Thermostats and the Program launch date can be found on the GreenON website located at;
  • ensure that the Thermostat is registered, activated, and paired with the Thermostat manufacturer on or after the Program launch date, as listed on the GreenON website;
  • ensure that the Participant’s heating and/or central air conditioning equipment is compatible with the Thermostat hardware and features;
  • ensure the Thermostat controls the Participant’s heating and/or central air conditioning equipment;
  • ensure the Thermostat is connected to wireless internet;
  • not have received an incentive related to the Thermostat through any other conservation program in Ontario; and
  • agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

The Rebate will be issued in the form of a cheque payable in Canadian funds to the Participant and mailed to the address provided during the Rebate application process. Rebate cheques must be cashed within six months of issuance. PLEASE ALLOW 8-12 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY from the date you complete and submit this Agreement.

If you have questions about the Program or the status of your Rebate, please call 1-888-728-8444.


  1. The Participant represents and warrants that:
    1. all information submitted in relation to the Rebate is complete, true and accurate;
    2. they purchased and have installed the Thermostat at the Participant’s residence in Ontario;
    3. they meet the Program eligibility requirements set out above; and
    4. they comply with all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  2. Neither IESO nor Green Ontario Fund nor any of their respective service providers, agents, officers, directors, employees, affiliates and such service providers’, agents’, and affiliates’ respective officers, directors or employees (collectively “Representatives”) will be liable for any injury, damage or loss to persons or property, including without limitation any economic loss, loss of goodwill, loss of profit or any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages, and any costs, losses, expenses, fines, liabilities, obligations, actions, causes of action, suits, proceedings, debts, penalties and demands arising therefrom or connected herewith, of any nature or kind whatsoever, arising from or related to the installation or the use of the Thermostat, whether in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or otherwise, or from any actions, omissions, negligence or misconduct by IESO, Green Ontario Fund or their respective Representatives, and the Participant hereby releases IESO, Green Ontario Fund and their respective Representatives of, from and against any of the foregoing.
  3. Neither IESO nor Green Ontario Fund nor any of their respective Representatives make any representation or guarantee as to any actual electricity, demand, natural gas or financial savings that will result from the Participant’s installation or use of the Thermostat; actual savings will vary and will depend on a variety of factors. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Participant acknowledges and agrees that: (i) installation and use of the Thermostat is based upon their own assessment of the Thermostat and not on any reliance on anticipated or projected results, and that such installation and use may not result in the achievement of any electricity, demand, natural gas or financial savings or demand savings, which are expressly disclaimed by IESO and Green Ontario Fund; (ii) the Participant has reviewed the Thermostat manufacturer’s terms of use and privacy policy, and has independently assessed the implications of installing the Thermostat and accepts same; (iii) the Thermostat is intended for use only as directed and improper use may result in injury or damage; and (iv) neither IESO nor Green Ontario Fund nor any of their respective Representatives accept any responsibility or liability for the acts or omissions of the manufacturer of the Thermostat, including any collection, use, disclosure or other processing by any personal information (separate from any services that they provide to IESO in connection with the processing of rebates).
  4. The Participant acknowledges and agrees that all right, title and interest in and to all benefits or entitlements associated with decreased environmental impacts now or in the future, direct or indirect, arising as a result of, relating to or in connection with the electricity savings, demand savings or natural gas savings for which the Thermostats or other energy efficient devices and products have been provided, and the right to quantify and register these, including without limitation, any energy efficiency certificate, renewable energy certificate, credit, reduction right, offset, allocated pollution right, and emission reduction allowance (collectively, the “Environmental Attributes”) are hereby transferred and assigned, or to the extent transfer or assignment is not permitted, held in trust in favour of the IESO. The IESO shall be entitled, unilaterally and without the Participant’s consent to deal with such Environmental Attributes in any manner it determines. The Participant further acknowledges and agrees that the IESO may direct the Participant to take such actions and do all such things necessary to certify, obtain, qualify and register with the relevant authorities or agencies such Environmental Attributes for the purpose of transferring, assigning, or holding in trust, such Environmental Attributes to and for the IESO. The Participant shall comply with any such directions, and will be entitled to reimbursement of the cost of complying with such direction, provided that the IESO, acting reasonably, has approved such cost in writing prior to the cost being incurred by the Participant. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Participant may market, report and publish the environmental benefits and savings results associated with participation in the Program.

  6. This Agreement will enure to the benefit of and be binding on the Participant and IESO and each party’s heirs, representatives, successors and permitted assigns. This Agreement may not be assigned by the Participant to another person except with the prior written consent of IESO, which consent may be unreasonably withheld or delayed.
  7. Both the Participant and IESO will comply, in all material respects, with all laws and regulations required to be complied with in the performance of their respective obligations hereunder.
  8. All obligations of both the Participant and IESO which expressly or by their nature survive termination or expiration of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect subsequent to and notwithstanding such expiration or termination and until they are satisfied or by their nature expire.
  9. No waiver of any term or condition is valid unless in writing and signed by both the Participant and IESO, and will be limited to the specific situation for which it is given. No amendment or modification to this Agreement shall be valid unless set forth in writing and signed by both the Participant and IESO.
  10. This Agreement sets forth the entire agreement and understanding between the Participant and IESO relating to the Program, and incorporates by reference the Program’s application form and its terms and conditions. In the event of a discrepancy, this Agreement supersedes the application form and its terms and conditions.
  11. This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein.


IESO’s Legal Authority to Collect Personal Information

  1. IESO is a not-for-profit corporation without share capital established under the Electricity Act, 1998. The Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998 and sections 6(1)(i) and 6(1)(p) of the Electricity Act, 1998, give IESO the authority to collect personal information about you and your energy-related activities. IESO complies with the privacy protection rules contained in Ontario's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). IESO has been directed by the Minister of Energy to administer the Program on behalf of Green Ontario Fund.

Purpose for Collection

  1. IESO will collect and use information about the Participant in order to:
    1. administer the Program;
    2. evaluate the impact of the Program, including the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions reductions for both natural gas and electricity savings;
    3. calculate electricity savings to which Local Distribution Companies (“LDCs”) may be entitled to count towards their electricity savings target pursuant to the Save on Energy Program;
    4. communicate with the Participant; and
    5. develop and implement other energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction programs.

Information Collected

  1. Information for this Program is primarily collected directly from the Participant, such as when the Participant applies for the Rebate through an online Program registration process that is hosted by the Thermostat manufacturer on behalf of IESO, including contact information, thermostat details (including serial number), household heating and cooling details and LDC account numbers. During the Program registration process, the Thermostat manufacturer will use the Participant’s IP address and Thermostat activation date on IESO’s behalf to determine eligibility for the Rebate. IESO will collect the activation date (but not the IP address) from the Thermostat manufacturer. IESO will collect electricity and natural gas usage data directly from utility companies to determine greenhouse gas reductions. This data is “masked” so that IESO cannot attribute the usage directly back to the Participant. If the Participant contacts one of the Program’s call centres, IESO will collect the information the Participant discloses so that IESO can respond to the Participant’s questions or comments. IESO will make an audio recording of the Participant’s call for quality control purposes.

Thermostat Manufacturers

  1. The privacy policy and terms of use applicable to the Thermostat and the Thermostat manufacturer’s website will govern the Participant’s registration and use of the Thermostat and the collection, use or disclosure of the Participant’s information by the Thermostat manufacturer. The Participant can find these documents on the Thermostat manufacturers’ websites.

Sharing of Personal Information with Third Parties

  1. IESO may provide the Participant’s personal information to Green Ontario Fund to be used for the same purposes that IESO collected the information. The Participant may access or obtain a copy of Green Ontario Fund’s privacy policy at or contact Green Ontario Fund at:

    Green Ontario Fund
    c/o Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
    Attention: Director, Environmental Innovations Branch
    40 St. Clair Avenue West, 14th Floor
    Toronto, Ontario M4V 1M2
    Phone: 416-325-8068

    The Green Ontario Fund is a corporation without share capital established by Ontario Regulation 46/17 (the “Regulation”) under the Development Corporations Act. Section 5 of the Regulation requires the Green Ontario Fund to develop programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings (including residences) and the production of goods, and monitor the outcomes of such programs. Section 5 of the Regulation provides legislative authority to undertake collections of personal information that are necessary for the Green Ontario Fund to meet its legislative mandate. The Green Ontario Fund complies with the privacy protection rules contained in FIPPA.
  2. IESO may disclose information about the Participant and the Participant’s participation in the Program for regulatory or audit purposes or otherwise as permitted by law, including to the Green Ontario Fund, the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change and the Ministry of Energy.
  3. IESO will disclose to the Participant’s LDCs limited information about the Participant. LDC access to the Participant’s data is required in connection with the Save on Energy Program so the LDC can allocate savings towards their electricity savings target to which they are entitled and to develop and promote other energy conservation programs. Data disclosed to LDCs will be limited to only data about the Participants that are existing customers of that particular LDC. Participant information disclosed to/accessible to LDCs will be limited to name, address and date of Thermostat activation.
  4. In order to administer the Program, IESO may authorize service providers (including the Thermostat manufacturer) to collect the Participant’s information on IESO’s behalf and may transfer other personal information about the Participant to such organizations or other third parties who provide services on IESO’s behalf. For example, IESO will use service providers to operate the Program application portals, administer Rebates and operate the Program-related call centers and process complaints. On behalf of the IESO, the Thermostat manufacturer will collect information (including Participant’s name, email address, service address, Thermostat serial number, activation date and other information submitted by the Participant in the online Program registration process) to verify the Participant’s eligibility for the Rebate and otherwise process the Participant’s Rebate application. These service providers and third parties are not authorized by IESO to use or disclose the Participant’s information collected on IESO’s behalf except as necessary to perform services on IESO’s behalf or to comply with legal requirements. Service providers are required to maintain administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect against unauthorized disclosure, use, alteration and destruction of the Participant’s personal information in their possession.

Participant’s Privacy Choices

  1. The Participant can make the following choices in relation to the Program:
    1. whether to participate in the Program; and
    2. selection of the preferred Thermostat from the models eligible for the Program.

Access to and Correction of Personal Information

  1. IESO will, upon written request, provide the Participant with access to the Participant’s personal information collected by IESO or on IESO’s behalf and an opportunity to request that IESO update or correct information that is demonstrated to be inaccurate. These rights are subject to certain exemptions under FIPPA, such as when disclosure would reveal someone else's personal information.

IESO Privacy Contact Information

  1. If the Participant would like to access, update or correct personal information, or if the Participant has any questions or concerns about IESO’s privacy practices, the Participant’s personal information or the administration of the FIPPA, the Participant may contact IESO at:

    Independent Electricity System Operator
    Attention: Privacy Officer
    120 Adelaide Street West, Suite 1600
    Toronto, ON M5H 1T1
    Phone: 416-969-6277
    Fax: 416-969-6383

    For information about IESO’s general personal information practices, the Participant may access IESO’s privacy policy at
  2. I have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including the processing of my information as set out above.